Training Centers, K-12 and Higher Education

Our team can take an in-depth look at your current set up, evaluate priorities and offer customized solutions.  We include many best practices with the following capabilities with the right value propositions. We also Clients will benefit in the following ways:  

  • Better communication capabilities between department
  • Effective recruitment tracking, registration, and availability of academic records to students
  • Effective workload management for faculty
  • Unified student life-cycle management
  • Analytics tools which can help in analyze finances and improve cash flow and spending patterns
  • Offer robust profiles which contain accurate content to make communication easier
  • Accurate and consistent records
  • Can be customized to work with different applications and platforms
  • Increased ability for constituents to interact with each other
  • Self-monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Mobile learning made accessibly
  • Practical and soft skills training
  • Lowered resource costs through the availability of eBooks and video lessons

Key benefits:

  • Improve forecasting & budget, lead qualification & conversion and pipeline management
  • Improve Lead nurturing and conversion capabilities
  • Improve communications between schools ( teachers/ brand ) and students, parents through more professional and personalized user experience
  • Allow greater involvement & understanding of student’s progress.